From Cocoa Beans to Chocolate

About Us

Was established in 2006. We are a fully integrated company that is able to create and produce high-quality and premium cocoa and chocolate products.

We bring a fresh approach, new vision, and innovation to our core values, we continuously strive to create new and innovative ideas for our customers. In 2019 we officially became a public listed company on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

PT. WAHANA INTERFOOD NUSANTARA, Tbk is one of the most competitive premium cocoa and chocolate companies in Indonesia,

Manufacturing high quality cocoa and chocolate from the cocoa beans to the finished product on the shelf.

Kakao Bubuk
Cocoa Powder


We welcome you to the sensational world of SCHOKO.

Here, is the place for everything thrilling, delightful and so indulging  can be fantasized and realized. So go ahead, escape, fantasize, dream,  and try out new stuff! It is how we make your nostalgic and luscious  dreams come true.

People say it is a guilty pleasure, but we believe that you can never have  too much craving with delicious things in your life, especially something  as tempting as chocolate.

We are the dream maker for those who crave for everything so temptatious  in their life. We are crazily in love with cocoa and chocolate, and you will fall in love with us.

Live, Love, Bake

Our philosophy is always to encourage celebration of little things in life.

SCHOKO products are more than just ingredients, but a tribute to the art of living and loving through the joy of baking.

Savor the aroma as it wafts through your kitchen, share laughter with loved ones as you mix, and witness the transformation as our chocolate turns into sheer delight.


ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management

Halal Certificate

SNI Certificate