is among the most competitive premium cocoa and chocolate companies in Indonesia. We manufacture high-quality cocoa and chocolate, overseeing the process from cocoa beans to the final product on the shelves.

Established in 2006, PT WAHANA INTERFOOD NUSANTARA Tbk operates as a fully integrated company capable of creating and delivering premium cocoa and chocolate products. With a fresh approach, a new vision, and a dedication to innovation aligned with our core values, we consistently strive to generate novel and inventive ideas for our customers. In 2019, we officially became a publicly listed company on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

Presently, we stand as a promising cocoa and chocolate manufacturer in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. We provide high-quality cocoa and chocolate products to food manufacturers, food services, and retailers. Our products are distributed within Indonesia and exported to numerous countries across Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA.


To Become a Company Offering World-Class Cocoa and Chocolate Products.


To Produce a Wide Range of Premium Cocoa and Chocolate Products and Market Them Globally.